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Behaviour Intelligence.
Real-world Events.

Understand what consumers really do and who they really are through the eyes of their smartphones.
Learn HOW

In-store Feedback.
Shopper Experience Surveys.

Customer satisfaction, segmentation, purchase occasions, non-purchasers, in-store footfall and queuing time – understanding physical customers has never been this efficient.


We use smartphone sensors to obtain the complete picture of the consumers real-world behavior and trigger just-in-time surveys based on consumer context.


Home, office, frequently visited places, POI visits (airports, malls, hotels, gas stations…), geofencing, beacon marked venues.

Physical Activity

Stationary, Walking, Running, Cycling, Driving, etc.

Phone Usage

Phone usage data (actively using, calls made, text sent…), clickstream, search engine queries, app usage.

Check our capabilities

Behavior Driven Profile

Know where your respondents live and work, how they commute, what places they visit, where they shop and eat, how far and how often they travel and much more. Without asking a single question.

Event Driven Surveys

Automatically trigger survey invitations or diary reminders based on what is happening in your respondent real-world lives. Don't ask what and how, ask why. Get close to the moment-of-truth to get better insights.

Smart Invitations

Overcome mailbox clutter, send engaging survey invitations right to respondent's smartphones when they are more likely to be responded.

Use cases

Squawk is a versatile tool that market researchers can use to do lots of different things they could not do before.
Profile Validation
Profile Validation

Know where your respondents live and work, what is their prefered language, prove they are real people.

Travel Facts
Travel Facts

Track where and how often they travel, flight they take, hotels they stay in.

Shopping Habits
Shopping Habits

Build meaningful behavioral shopper segments without asking a single questions.

Location Insights
Location Insights

Measure the real world by understanding the relations between people and POIs. Learn how consumer behave, not how they declare it.

Just-in-time Invitations
Just-in-time Invitations

Send engaging survey invitations to your respondents when they are more likely to respond.

Transactional Surveys
Transactional Surveys

Conduct shopper experience surveys based on offline or online visits. Real visits.

Ad Profile
Ad Profile

Build ad profiles based on offline and online behavior. Monetize your respondent base.

How it works

We handle the complexity of interpreting sensors readings, preserving battery, ensuring privacy and triggering context driven actions to make it simple to understand real-world consumers.

Squawk SDK

Supercharge any app with the consumer behaviour tracking and event driven survey functionality.

Good for:
  • brand apps
  • shopping apps
  • survey/research apps

Squawk App (incl. white label)

Use our apps as a primary research tool. The apps is free to download and are extremely easy to distribute among respondents.

Good for:
  • research companies
  • access panels 
  • ad-hocs and showcases