Brick and mortar feedback.
Post-transaction surveys.
Made efficient.

Customer satisfaction, segmentation, purchase occasions, non-purchasers, footfall and queuing time – understanding physical customers has never been this cost efficient, rich of data and accurate.

Beacons explained

Market research perspective


Know what your customers really do in-store. Target business significant events.
Deliver engaging survey invitations right to customer smartphones.
Get reliable results fast, chainwide, in plenty.


Real visits

High response rates

Engaged customers


How it works

Just add beacons

At approx. $20 per unit beacons are affordable and readily available from a number of vendors.

Advanced targeting

  • New or returning customers
  • Chain-wide visit history
  • Walk-bys
  • Footprint scenarios
  • Checkout (cash desk)
  • Day part

You are also backed up by straightforward consent management and contact frequency capping to carefully handle your valuable customers.